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The European Cricket League never fails to provide us with some belly laughs through their unique celebrations, fielding, and catches. The league has once again brought a gem of a video that may go down as the funniest dropped catch. During an ECS Malta 2022 game between Overseas and Mater Dei, Muthu Kumaran was the star of one of the most hysterical dropped catches in cricket history. 

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Kumaran bowled a great delivery to trap the batter, Jurg Hirschi, around his legs. The ball miscued off Hirschi’s pads and went straight up in the air for a simple catch. However, despite reaching the under ball comfortably, the bowler dropped the catch. As the ball popped out, Kumaran had another easy chance to get a wicket as Hirschi ran for a single, leaving his partner a long way out from the crease. 

But his bad luck continued as the bowler missed the run out while being extremely close to the ball. To rub salt in the wounds, non-striker David Millard did a pushup after he dived to save his wicket and then got up to celebrate getting saved. 

Watch the video here:

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