Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Despite the recent strike, work continues on Lewis Hamilton’s much anticipated F1 movie, and it appears that Brad Pitt will be acting through one of Michael Schumacher’s most infamous moments, when the driver squeezed Ruben Barrichello’s car near a wall at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2010. 

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The plot of the movie revolves around a younger, up and coming driver being mentored by an older driver named Sonny Hayes, who has retired from F1. Brad Pitt, who plays Hayes, revealed his role as a more mentoring figure in the movie. He will star in the film alongside Damson Idris. The cars used by the movie’s fictional APXGP team were given a garage at Silverstone and are going to use a modified F2 car in the movie, where it will be disguised as an F1 vehicle.  

Many fans are speculating that the story is based on Nico Rosberg’s time in Mercedes with Schumacher. And the new footage of the event has seen fans further speculate if it is meant to be Schumacher’s squeeze in 2010 at the Hungaroring.

Scared Barrichello called it an ‘attempt to murder’

In 2010 in Hungary, Barrichello was driving the Williams against seven-time champion Michael Schumacher for the final point earning spot in the race. To defend his position Schumacher, who was holding on to P10, and was driving the Mercedes only five laps away from the flag, squeezed Barrichello into a tight spot near the wall concrete. Barrichello was only inches away from a dangerous accident.

After the race, Barrichello, who was scared by Schumacher’s recklessness, said it was attempted murder. He added, “If he wants to go to heaven, I don’t want to go before him. Thank God. I was lucky the wall finished where it did because I was millimeters from it.”

FIA stewards agreed with Barrichello’s complaints and handed Schumacher a 10-place grid penalty for the following race in Belgium. At the time, though he accepted the FIA’s penalty, Schumacher also had his own opinion on the incident.

The German said, “We know certain drivers have certain views, then there's Rubens. As far as I was concerned there was enough room for him to get through without touching each other.”