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Bradley Martyn, a famous fitness coach, slapped a Twitch streamer named Rani Netz aka Stable Ronaldo, for unceremoniously taking his hat at a gym. The 35-year-old was spotted on camera, wanting Stable Ronaldo to give his hat back, but when the Twitch streamer didn’t, he ended up receiving a big slap for his troubles. 

Notably, Bradley Martyn hit the headlines last year after putting up a query to Nate Diaz on whether he can take him on in a street fight. In response, the former UFC fighter brushed aside his supposed challenge, telling Bradley Martyn that he is a podcaster in a mic drop moment during his Raw Talk podcast show.

In a clip doing rounds on social media, Stable Ronaldo could be seen taking the hat from Bradly Martyn, when he had it on his head. Moments later, when Stable Ronaldo didn’t return the hat to Bradley Martyn, walked up to him with a smile on his face instead, a slap came his way like the rent was due.

Here is the clip of Bradley Martyn slapping Stable Ronaldo for taking his hat:

Moreover, a few days ago, Stable Ronaldo accused a fellow streamer named Nordan Shat aka FaZe Rain of pretending to be in a wheelchair to earn people’s sympathy and make money off of it. On his recent IRL stream with Lacy, he was quoted as saying by Sportskeeda, “Should I expose Rain? Yo Rain, why don't we talk about how you faked being in a wheelchair for four years for sympathy?”

“When I came over to your house a year ago you told me, 'I hit a lick on all of my fans after four years of faking a wheelchair.' And you made $1.8 million after taxes,” he added.