Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous and admired footballers in the world. The Portuguese superstar has millions of fans who follow his every move and support his every goal. However, among those fans, there is one who stands out for his dedication and passion, Luva de Pedreiro.

Luva de Pedreiro is the nickname of Iran Alves, a 21-year-old Brazilian influencer who became viral in 2020 for his videos on TikTok and Instagram. In his videos, he showcases his skills and tricks with a football, wearing a torn glove that he calls his “Luva de Pedreiro” (builder’s glove). He also imitates Ronaldo’s signature celebration, the “Siiiiiiii”, and shouts “Receba” (Receive) to his critics.

Luva de Pedreiro has always been a huge fan of Ronaldo, whom he considers his inspiration and idol. The Brazilian’s dream came true on July 17, 2023, when he met Ronaldo. At an event, Luva de Pedreiro had the opportunity to meet Ronaldo, and the moment was captured and shared by himself on his social media accounts. In the video, Alves can be seen approaching Ronaldo with a smile and a hug, while Ronaldo greets him warmly and kindly. They then exchange some words and pose for pictures, while the fanboy expresses his gratitude and admiration for Ronaldo.

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Pedreiro later posted a message on his Instagram account, thanking God, his fans, and Ronaldo for making his dream come true. He wrote, “I want to first thank God for everything and then you my troops. After all the difficulty I went through, I walked more than 10km on foot to post a video and the cell phone had no memory to record them. And today, getting where I got is something unbelievable. I fulfilled my dream which was to meet CRISTIANO RONALDO”.

The Brazilian influencer also added, “For those who follow me, they know that he has always been my inspiration and what happened to me serves as an example for all of you, do not give up on your dreams. RECEIVE”.

The meeting between Ronaldo and Luva de Pedreiro was a beautiful and inspiring moment that showed the power of football and dreams. It was also a testament to Ronaldo’s greatness and kindness as a player and as a person. Luva de Pedreiro is an example of someone who overcame adversity and achieved success through hard work and dedication. He is also someone who never forgot his roots and his values, and who always remained loyal to his idol and his fans.