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Portuguese football icon Cristiano Ronaldo tried to break his jump record in a viral video on social media. Ronaldo is arguably one of the best players to have played the game of football and is regarded for his ‘superhuman-like’ athletic abilities. Being a fleet-footed winger while growing up, speed and agility have always been Ronaldo’s forte, and needless to say, the Al-Nassr captain has time and again put them on display in front of the world. 

Ronaldo's highest jump was recorded in the UEFA Champions League 2012-13 during Real Madrid's match against Manchester United. Then-Real Madrid forward jumped  2.93m above the ground to head an equaliser against his boyhood club. However, his 2.56m jump while playing for Juventus against Sampdoria in the Serie A 2019-20 made headlines as Ronaldo was  36 years old at the time.

After the match, the club released a statement and said, "Last night, Cristiano Ronaldo trended across social platforms for his excellent goal that proved to be the decisive strike in the 1-2 away victory over Sampdoria. His goal, though, was no ordinary header….In fact, he reached a great height in order to convert his effort past Audero."

The statement further read, "As he rose up into the air, where he seemingly hung suspended for a split second of time, Ronaldo reached an impressive height of 2.56m when his head connected to the ball. In total, he jumped 71cms off the ground to nod in his 11th headed goal since joining Juventus.”

Ronaldo tries to break his jump record

Since that goal, many fans tried to reach the height that the Portuguese legend has set with his Serie A goal. Recently, Ronaldo was captured in Saudi Arabia as he took the ultimate challenge to break his jumping record.

Watch the video here:

A few years down the line, the 38-year-old tried to surpass his record but failed to do so. In a video doing rounds on social media from Riyadh, the footballer could be seen attempting a jump at a podium, which was built according to his record. However, the footballer could reach 2.23m, which is way less than his old jump. The video has gone viral on social media and has been reshared by Ronaldo ultras since then several times.