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Picture Credit: Twitter

Shalie Lipp, a young professional MMA fighter, lost her life through a tragic car accident on May 7 Sunday. She was scheduled to fight on May 20 against Natalie Gage on the No Mercy 11 card. Dana White, the President of Ultimate Fighting Championship, paid an emotional tribute to her in a recent press conference.

The 53-year combat sports promoter said the following words in remembrance of Shalie Lipp, “I know that girl. (It) hurt me bad. It messed me up for a few days. Tragic things happen everyday. That one just got me. She was a 21-year-old MMA fighter. She just got back from Thailand training for a fight that she was supposed to fight on May 20th and she was involved in a car accident. She was the passenger. Everybody else in the accident lived except for her.”

The UFC President told reporters that the mom of Shalie Lipp shared with him the story about her journal in which she wrote, “Dana White will know my name.”

Dana White mentioned that he has been in constant touch with Shalie Lipp’s mother and done everything he could for her family. “I’ve talked to her mom a couple of times (gonna leave her mom alone). I think I’ve been annoying her mom since I found out. But I did the best I could do over the last several days,” remarked the 53-year-old.

Meanwhile, Dana White also paid a tribute to Shalie Lipp on social media by posting her picture on his Instagram account with a caption, “I KNOW YOUR NAME……. RIP.”

Furthermore, at the UFC Fight Night event in Charlotte on May 13, the organisation honoured Shalie Lipp with a sticker of her name on the cage door.