Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray has called out his former teammate and NBA champion Tony Parker, for not being a good mentor for young players. While talking on the ‘All the Smoke’ podcast, hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Murray reflected on his time with the San Antonio Spurs. 

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The Seattle native talked about how he received limited opportunities as a rookie when joined the Gregg Popovich-coached Spurs in the 2016 season. Murray spoke about how he worked extremely hard and got the starting role in his second year by replacing Tony Parker. The French international didn’t like this change and left the team to join Charlotte Hornets. 

"I started growing, first year goes by, thrown into the fire in the playoffs versus the Rockets. Then my second year, they see I come back, obviously getting stronger, better. That was the year I took the job from Tony," Murray said. "[Gregg Popovich] brought us into the office, he told Tony. Tony ain't like it...I know he didn't like it, because if he liked it, he would've mentored me the way he should have. He wouldn't have went to Charlotte, he would've stayed right there."

Former Spurs player Stephen Jackson also talked about Parker being an extremely selfish player. Jackson further stated that this attitude hindered the Frenchman from winning even more championships and achieving success in an already incredible career. 

"I know the type of person Tony is. Great player, gonna go down in the Hall of Fame, but he's very selfish," Jackson said. "He's been selfish, we would've had more championships and more success if it wasn't for him being so selfish...He's one of the most selfish players I've ever played with."

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