Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

After rain delayed the start of second Test between India and England by 30 minutes, the game kicked off with the visitors being asked to bat first. KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma batted beautifully as they stitched a century-stand to put India in a comfortable position. Just as India were running away in the contest, James Anderson took two wickets in quick succession to bring the match back in the balance.

While it has been a good contest between bat and ball, the fans can't argue that it has been an exciting day of Test cricket. From plays and misses to some glorious shots, the Day 1 at Lord's literally had everything that a cricket fan wants to see. While there was some humour missing, it was also delivered in the 59th over of the innings.

What were Sibley and Hameed doing?

As Sam Curran bowled a delivery wide outside the off stump, Virat Kohli reached out and gave the poor delivery the required treatment. The ball was travelling towards the boundary with two English fielders - Dom Sibley and Haseeb Hameed - chasing behind. Both the fielders were quite close and almost reached the ball at the same time.

This is when the funny sequence of events started. To avoid any collision, both the fielders backed out thinking that the other one would dive and save the ball from crossing the boundary rope. Just when the duo realized that they both had slowed down, they put on a dive at the same time giving a picturesque moment for the cameras to capture.

While Hameed's dive was way away from where the ball was, Sibley's dive came importantly at the right place as he managed to prevent the ball from reaching the boundary. Meanwhile, Kohli and Rahul ran 3 runs as the fans got a nice moment to enjoy during a closely-contested match.

Watch the video here:

Harsha Bhogle enjoys the funny incident

The on-air commentators also had a cheeky laugh while watching the incident. Reflecting on the same, Harsha Bhogle said, "I think Haseeb Hameed's was 'I'm getting away from the ball kind of dive' while Dom Sibley's was 'towards the ball kind of dive'. While it was a slightly embarrassing moment for both the fielders, it was indeed quite enjoyable for everyone else.