Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Dwyane Wade is putting to rest the question of whether he and Gabrielle Union divided their finances "50/50." On a podcast, the retired NBA player explained Union's recent, widely circulated statements about the couple splitting all of their finances equally after reading "think pieces going around about me as a man."

Wade, 41, claimed that he and Union, 50, decided to split household expenses evenly after the former Miami Heat player boasted during a heated dispute while he was working in Florida that they were in "my house that I paid for."

Dwyane Wade went on to reveal the conversation he had with his wife after his quirky remark. He said, "My wife looked at me and said 'You will never say that to me again when it’s something that we share," Wade recalled. "So when we moved to (Los Angeles) my wife said 'I got half on it you will never say 'my house' again – you can say that in the arena!'"

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In the video, the former Miami Heat guard continued by praising her actor wife for everything she had accomplished and was still accomplishing in her life and profession. He respects Gabrielle's constant pursuit of improvement. Gabrielle, according to Dwyane, would gladly give to match any amount put down by Dwyane for them to use towards a vacation if it meant they could take a better vacation.

Sharpe calls out Twitter account for not giving credit

Meanwhile, Shannon Sharpe slammed the Twitter account after they used video footage from his podcast, 'Club Shay Shay' without giving him credit. It was the same video that involved Dwyane speaking about his financial responsibilities with his wife.

Sharpe put out a tweet quoting that Twitter account and wrote, "Y’all some real 🤡s for this. This interview was done on my podcast @ClubShayShay and you couldn’t even give me credit?"

However, the Twitter page that allegedly used the video from Sharpe's podcast and didn't give him credit stated in the comments that they mentioned the YouTube link of the whole video in the comments section and also gave credits to the NFL Hall of Famer on their Instagram post.