Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

A Spanish climber named Beatriz Flamini completed the 500-day challenge as she left a cave on Friday morning (April 14). The climber spent 500 days alone in a dark cave seventy metres below the Earth’s surface.


The 50-year-old athlete, who was deep inside a cave outside Granada with minimal contact outside underwent a quick checkup with a doctor and a psychologist as achieving rare record. It is to be noted that Flamini entered the cave three months prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on November 2021 (Saturday).


The 50-year-old who was later addressed the media in a press conference, shared her experience. “I was expecting to come out and have a shower,” she told the reporters. “I wasn’t expecting there to be so much interest,” she added further.


She also told the reporters that she had lost track of time after 65 th  day and quoted, “I got on very well with myself.” “For me at least, as an elite extreme sportswoman, the most important thing is being very clear and consistent about what you think and what you feel and what you say,” she said.


With this, Flamini is said register a world record of living alone inside a cave with no human contact for 500 days.