India is a cricket-mad nation and there is no doubt about it. The country not only watches cricket but kids in every corner can be found knocking a few shots around. They don’t need pads and helmets but just a bat and a ball to start a full-fledged game. As most of the kids in the country don’t really get to play with the lather ball, they use tennis balls instead. 

Tennis ball cricket has become widely famous in India and there are several tournaments also organized. Former India captain MS Dhoni also played one such tennis-ball cricket tournament. Nevertheless, the point here is that tennis-ball cricket is equally famous in India. Now, as a video has taken the internet by storm, it will surely get more attention. 

The video mentioned above shows a fielder taking an outrageous relay catch in a tennis-ball cricket tournament. While relay catches have become a norm, this fielder used everything at his disposal to make the catch possible. 

As the batter hits a lofted shot across the line, the fielder times his jump to perfection. However, as he was standing inches close to the boundary line, he finds himself going over it. Hence, the fielder throws the ball in the air and goes over the line. However, instead of going inside the boundary, the ball stays over the boundary line. 

The fielder then shows great skills to bicycle kick the ball back into the field of play where his teammates cleanly complete the catch. 

As the video started doing the rounds of the internet, many former cricketers including batting legend Sachin Tendulkar lauded this special effort. “This is what happens when you bring a guy who also knows how to play football!!” wrote Sachin while resharing the viral video. 

The likes of Jimmy Neesham and Michael Vaughan also reacted to the video. 

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