Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

A trailer for the revamped Apex Legends Mobile, which is made to appeal to Chinese viewers was unveiled yesterday by developer LightSpeed Studios, a division of Chinese mobile developer behemoth Tencent. The most well-liked map and perennial darling of the mobile community, World's Edge, is also featured in the video. All the characters and maps are expected to get new names, though.

On May 17, 2022, Apex Legends: Mobile was officially released worldwide after over two years in development. The mobile version of the original PC game won praise from critics for its excellent gameplay and grandiose scale, grabbing the interest of mobile gamers. However, there were issues with the game's performance on low-end devices, which led to a disappointing start from an AAA studio. In the end, EA decided to stop the game, with the servers shutting offline on May 1, as a result of the overwhelming disadvantages.

Reports of LightSpeed Studios' plans to produce their own version of the game only for China surfaced soon after the game's termination and an important barrier to launching games in the highly controlled region was cleared when the corporation already had approval from Chinese authorities.

Without making an effort to hide the similarities, the official video exposes that "High Energy Heroes" uses graphics and features from Apex Legends Mobile. The fundamental elements of battle royale, like respawn beacons, are still present on the level, which also resembles a sizable portion of the original World's Edge map.

Watch the video here:

Talking about the appearance of the characters, it's clear that the characters have been changed to appeal to the Chinese player base, perhaps at the expense of the game's ethnic diversity. On the gameplay front, too, these heroes have even more potent skills that will be crucial in determining how battles turn out. The character redesigns in the trailer include new iterations of well-known figures including Wattson, Lifeline, and Wraith.

It's not yet known whether the game will be released internationally for players who live outside of China. The original Apex game built a devoted player base that would gladly welcome the opportunity to try their hand at the Chinese version, despite the fact that the creative decisions may have divided the Apex community. In order to release the game in nations like India, where the developer is subject to restrictions on the release of games, Tencent may look into joint ventures with other publishers.