Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The Milwaukee Bucks lost their Eastern Conference playoff match against the Miami Heat 126-128 at the Finserv Forum on Thursday, April 27. Jimmy Buttler inspired the Miami Heat for a comeback as Milwaukee collapsed in the fourth quarter, blowing a large double-digit lead. The Bucks became the sixth number-one team to lose to an eighth-placed side in a best-of-seven series in NBA history. Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo was questioned by a reporter about whether the season has been a failure for them or not.

In a video going viral, Giannis was left frustrated over a question asked by one of the journalists present at the press conference and insisted that they haven’t had a failure of a season. The star was reminded of the same question which was asked last year and he replied, "Oh my god. You asked me the same question last year, Eric. Okay, do you get a promotion every year? No. So every year your work is a failure - yes, or no?"

“There’s no failure in sports. There’s good days, bad days. Some days you’re able to be successful, some days you’re not. Some days it’s your turn, and some days it’s not your turn. You don’t always win. And this year some other team is going to win,” the Bucks forward further went on to say.

He even questioned whether Jordan’s career was a failure as he did not win a championship every year. Giannis said, “Every year you work towards a goal. There’s steps to success. Michael Jordan played for 15 years and won six championships. Were the other nine years a failure?” The 28-year-old also questioned the journalist for a thus befitting answer.

Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer also declined to characterize Milwaukee’s season as a failure. “This team has incredibly high expectations,” Budenholzer said. The Bucks finished at the top of the Eastern Conference table with 58 wins and 24 losses this season. Giannis averaged 31.1 points this season which is fifth in the league and 11.8 in rebounds which is third.