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We have seen a fair share of funny turn of events that have led to goals or own goals over the years. Recently, a hilarious incident has gone viral on social media where Zalgiris's goalkeeper kicked his goal kick right towards his own defender which deflected off him for his own goal. With the own goal, Kauno Zalgiris defeated Zalgiris 3-0 in the Round of 16 fixture on Thursday.

In the top division Lithuanian league, Zalgiris are placed third with nine wins in 14 matches while Kauno have managed the fourth spot with 21 points in 14 matches so far.  Before losing their Round of 16 clash on Thursday, FK Zalgiris, who are third in the Lithuanian League and challenging for the title, defeated Kauno Zalgiris 2-1 in the league on Sunday, May 14.

In a funny turn of events, Zalgiris received a goal kick in the 80th minute while being 2-0 down against Kauno Zalgiris. Goalkeeper Edvinas Gertomas tried to take it long and quick but did not look at where his players are as defender Stipe Vučur was just a few feet away in front of the keeper. The ball deflected off him and resulted in an own goal which put FK Zalgiris 3-0 down.

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Last year Zalgiris were the Champions while Kauno Zalgiris finished second in the A Lyga. Lithuanian football is kind of known for these kinds of incidents as a compilation of many funny incidents from the league has been put up in 2014 and posted with the caption, "Sad, funny but totally true Lithuania football. This is what happens in every Lithuania A-League match!"

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Back to the game, Kauno Zalgiris scored twice before the own goal, and Rosario Latouchent and Xabi Auzmendi scored to put them 2-0 up. With the victory on Thursday, Kauno Zalgiris qualify for the Lithuanian Football Cup quarterfinals, however, their opponents are yet to be announced.