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Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) has suspended the women’s coach Vidyut Jaisimha after a video of him drinking alcohol in the team bus emerged online. The HCA President Jagan Mohan Rao directed Vidyut Jaisimha to refrain from any activities on their behalf, calling it a “matter of serious concern” before initiating a “thorough investigation” in his letter sent to him.

As per the report from the Indian Express, the video of Vidyut Jaisimha drinking alcohol was shared on the WhatsApp platform, and it was also aired on TV news channels. Notably, Vidyut Jaisimha was reappointed in his role of coaching the Hyderabad women’s cricket team, despite the complaints regarding his drinking in the past.

The letter to Vidyut Jaisimha from the HCA President Jagan Mohan Rao read, “This is a matter of serious concern. I have asked for a thorough investigation to be done. A decision will be made based on the outcome of the investigation. In the interim, while the investigation is being carried out, I am directing you (Vidyut) to refrain from involving yourself in any cricketing activities on behalf of HCA.”

While speaking to the local channels, Vanka Pratap, a member of the HCA spoke about how this isn’t the first time the issues have emerged regarding Vidyut Jaisimha. He said, “There have been many complaints (related to drinking) in the past as well.”

Furthermore, when the Indian Express contacted Vidyut Jaisimha to hear his side of the story, he told them about consulting a lawyer after getting suspended.

Watch Vidyut Jaisimha drinking alcohol in Hyderabad women's team bus: