neymar speed

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American streamer and YouTuber IShowSpeed once was trending on social media as he was spotted partying with Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. during his trip to the South American country. Speed previously met footballing legend Ronaldo Nazario and even received a signed shirt from the Brazilian great. Continuing his crazy Brazilian adventure,  IShowSpeed appeared to party with the Al-Hilal forward, who currently recovering from injury.  The duo had previously interacted in Japan last year.

In one of his videos,  Darren Watkins Jr, the man behind the "IShowSpeed" persona, was at a party where he encountered Neymar and was in complete shock. Speed asked the DJ to turn off the music, as he began to wonder if the individual was truly the Brazilian football icon.

Speed said, "Wait... is this him? Take off glasses. Take off your - wait, hang on, now. This can't be. I just f**ked Neymar. Neymar wouldn't let me f**k him. This can't be Neymar!" But then, the American streamer soon released that it wasn't the former Barcelona star after all as he said,  "Why would Neymar be here? It's not him? He does... what the f**k. Chat, I don't think it's him."

It was revealed that  Neymar Jr. did not collaborate with IShowSpeed on February 19, 2024. Instead, Eigon Oliveira (Instagram handle @sosiadoney), a well-known Neymar Jr. impersonator, appeared on his channel.  Oliveira has been a popular face on social media as masqueraded as Neymar in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Check out the video of Speed partying with fake Neymar in Brazil: