Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

iShowSpeed is a well-known gamer, streamer, and ardent football follower, who is one of the biggest fans of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. The social media personality recently claimed in a live stream on YouTube that he was blocked by none other than football legend Lionel Messi.

Speed went on to prove his statement that the 35-year-old Argentine blocked him as he tried following Messi on Instagram but couldn’t follow him. He then tried to message Messi via the DM feature on Instagram but he was unsuccessful yet again. The 18-year-old streamer then logged in from his second account to check if it was happening from just one account. 

When he opened Messi's handle from the other account, it opened up right away and he was able to message him as well as follow him. He got excited by the fact that Messi must have seen his account before blocking him. This clearly means that Messi knows about the streamer. 

"This man, Messi, himself! He, bro... he got on his Instagram, right? He got on his Instagram, right? He clicked my profile. So, Messi see my... Messi seen me! He, bro, he went on my profile. He, bro, he looked at me," said iShowSpeed after the shocking revelation.

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iShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, is famous for often hating Messi in his streams. He is a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and often plays FIFA in his streams. This trolling for Messi by him could be the reason behind Messi blocking him if it is true. Speed has also spoken about Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli multiple times in his streams and praises him over Babar Azam in his streams in a similar way to that of Messi and Ronaldo.