ksi to meet kylian mbappe

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American YouTuber and streamer IShowSpeed claimed that he will meet French football star Kylian Mbappe this summer. Darren Watkins Jr., popularly known as Speed among fans, claimed in  his livestream, leaving his fans quite amazed with it. IShowSpeed is known for his exciting behaviour and the love he has for football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only this, but the teenager also shares an immense passion for soccer, which has taken him around the world. 

Recently, the American streamer announced his retirement from the sport following his poor performance at the Qatar Charity Match. However, it couldn’t affect his love for the sport, which was clearly evident from his recent livestream. During his latest streaming, Speed mentioned that he will meet young football superstar Kylian Mbappe.

IShowSpeed replied to a fan's question about meeting Mbappe and said, “When I’m gonna meet Mbappe? I will Mbappe this summer. So, do not worry.” Though Speed didn’t disclose any further details, the announcement was enough to make the fans happy. However, some fans also raised doubts about the streamer’s announcement, and he is quite popular for his over-the-top talks. 

Apart from this, Speed also paid tribute to the creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama. For the unversed, Dragon Ball was one of the most popular and best-selling Japanese comics of all times. On his steam, the YouTuber said, “Imma be honest bro. It hit me it didn't really, really hit me because you know I watch One Piece a lot. I'm a huge huge One Piece fan, but this really, really hit me.”