ispl tip top toss in cricket

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On Wednesday, March 6, before the first-ever match of the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) began, the captains of Srinagar Ke Veer and Majhi Mumbai were spotted doing the exciting new ritual called Tip-Top toss in the middle. Omkar Desai of Srinagar Ke Veer managed to win the battle of the Tip-Top toss against Yogesh Penkar of Majhi Mumbai.

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Tip-Top, the highly popular street game, which will be used to decide the toss winners right throughout the ISPL, involves two players standing at a particular point, facing up against each other before they make their way close to one another, with every step touching heel-to-toe. The only way to win the Tip-Top street game is for a player to step on the foot of his or her opponent at the very end.

Just like the Tip-Top toss, the Indian Street Premier League also has yet another exciting provision called the 9-street runs. If the batter manages to hit a ball that crosses the fence before going directly into the audience, then, it will be counted as nine runs to their and the team’s score.

Moreover, before the first-ever match of the ISPL, a tennis ball T10 tournament, the Indian cricketing and cinema stars played an exhibition game at the grand opening ceremony of the tournament. Sachin Tendulkar-led Master’s 11 faced off against Khiladi XI of Akshay Kumar at the Dadoji Kondadev Stadium in Thane, Mumbai.

Here is the Tip -Top Toss in ISPL: