Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will face each other in a boxing match on August 5, 2023, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The fight is expected to be one of the most anticipated and controversial events of the year, as both fighters have been involved in several verbal and physical altercations in the past few months. However, both fighters had to be naked for the ceremonial weigh-in as they did not match the agreed-upon category. 

The weigh-in for the fight did not go as smoothly as planned, as both Paul and Diaz struggled to make the 185-pound limit. Paul, who is 6-1 as a professional boxer, weighed in at 186.2 pounds, while Diaz, who is making his boxing debut after a long and successful MMA career, weighed in at 186.4 pounds.

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The official scale had to be adjusted because it was recording fighters as a few pounds underweight during the initial stages of the weigh-in, which led to some confusion. Paul checked his weight on the scale for the first time about 25 minutes into the weigh-in but did not actually step on it. Paul then emerged 20 minutes later as a towel was set up for the YouTuber, and his weight was recorded at precisely 185 pounds. Before Paul left the stage, the YouTuber's team shouted, "Great work, right on the money," and applauded in apparent relief.

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Regardless of the weigh-in drama, Paul and Diaz are expected to put on a show on August 5, as both of them have promised to knock each other out. Paul has been calling out Diaz for years, claiming that he is the better fighter and that he will expose him as a washed-up MMA fighter. Diaz has responded by saying that he will teach Paul a lesson and that he will make him quit as he did with Conor McGregor.