Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Jeremy Clarkson, the English broadcaster kept his promise of buying pint for the entire Alpine F1 Team on June 12, Monday, after the French driver Esteban Ocon finished on the podium at the Monaco GP last month. The Grand Tour presenter, who had attended the 2023 season opener race in Bahrain, lent his support to Alpine F1 Team while stating that they are his local outfit, on that specific occasion.

It was on May 28, at the Circuit de Monaco, where Esteban Ocon had a fantastic race for Alpine. He ended up getting third place at the Monaco GP, behind the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion from the Netherlands and second placed Spanish driver Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin.

During the race, Jeremy Clarkson took to his official Twitter account to share a tweet in support of Alpine F1 Team, which read, “Come on @AlpineF1Team I’ll buy you all a pint if you get a podium here (Monaco GP).”

After Esteban Ocon got the podium for Alpine F1 Team at Circuit de Monaco, the 63-year-old, sent out another tweet and said, “Well done @AlpineF1Team I owe you many Hawkstones”

On June 12, Alpine F1 Team took to Twitter to share the pictures of Jeremy Clarkson arriving at their factory in Enstone in his Lamborghini tractor, with Clarkson’s Farm co-star Kaleb Cooper, to deliver a trailer full of pint to everyone in attendance. The team also captioned the tweet in appreciation of the game show host, which read, “Delivering on his word. Cheers for the beers, @JeremyClarkson”

The Briton was also given a microphone to address the team, on which he was quoted, “I said I’d buy you all a beer and I’ve brought you all a beer.” The F1 calendar now moves to Canada for the ninth race of the 2023 season, which is set to take place from 16-18 June.