john cena oscars 2024

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The entertainment and sports industry once again took the centre stage at the iconic Oscars 2024 on Monday, March 11. But the award ceremony took a wild turn when the 46-year-old America n pro wrestler-turned-actor, John Cena walked on the stage naked to present the Best Costume Award.

Yes, you read it right. The 46-year-old took the stage on fire after his naked appearance at the Oscars 2024 after Jimmy Kimmel introduced Cena as the presenter of a category. However, the professional wrestler appeared hesitant to walk with no clothes, Kimmel tried to convince him and eventually helped him walk out of the wings. 

Cena however covered his modesty with an envelope featuring the name of the winner of Best Costume Award, in a brief space of time, Kimmel along with members from the backstage were quick to drape him with a massive lengthy curtain. As soon as it was done, the 46-year-old and presented the Best Costume Award to Poor Things, joking about the importance of costumes.

The host of the evening at the 96th Academy Awards however revealed that this move was a deliberate pun on the streaker incident from the 1974 Oscars. During the 1974 Academy Awards, a man posing as a journalist ran naked past David Niven while the star introduced Elizabeth Taylor on the stage.