The second Test of Ashes 2023 at the iconic Lord's got off to a bizarre start as Just Stop Oil protesters invaded the pitch and threw flares in the middle. The match started with England winning the toss and asking the Aussies to bat. Starting off the proceedings, James Anderson gave away four runs in the first over as David Warner managed to drive the English seamer through the off-side.

But in the second over, the match was abruptly stopped as an individual ran in the middle and went to the ground. Agitated by these actions, England's wicket-keeper Jonny Bairstow decided to take action on his own hand and proceeded by lifting the protester up and carrying them towards the boundary before slamming him across.

Watch the video here:

Addressing this protest,  Just Stop Oil  released a statement questioning the viewers about enjoying cricket when countless people around the world are struggling to find basic amenities. The statement said,  “Cricket is an important part of our national heritage, but how can we enjoy the Ashes when much of the cricketing world is becoming unfit for humans to live in? We can no longer afford to distract ourselves when the sports we play, the food we eat, and the culture we cherish is at risk."

“It’s time for cricket lovers and all those who understand the severity of this situation to get onto the streets and demand action from this illegitimate, criminal government. When our children ask us, ‘What did we do to avert this crisis?’ we better have a good answer.”