UFC ambassador and social media sensation Hasbulla Magomedov was reportedly arrested in his native Dagestan because of multiple driving offences involving his friends while celebrating a wedding. Hasbulla was later granted bail but was placed under house arrest for a month. However the 20-year-old is unfazed and even joked about his arrest.

In a video clip shared by a Twitter user, the interviewer asked Hasbulla whether he was interrogated and if he was in prison for a long time, to which Habulla replied that he was sitting for 11 hours. The interviewer further asked if he was in handcuffs to which Mini-Khabib replied,“ They just put one handcuff on my both hands,” to which the crowd and the host burst out laughing.

Watch the video here:

Regarding the incident, Hasbulla apologized for the misbehaviour and ensured that it will never happen again. The influencer said, “That won't happen again, people we apologize. We had to answer for it a little bit, I wasn't driving either.” 

Hasbulla rose to fame in late 2020, when he started posting videos of himself mimicking UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is also from Dagestan. The social media sensation also challenged another social media star, Abdu Rozik, who has a similar condition, to a fight but the event was cancelled due to legal issues.