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KSI, the co-founder of Misfits Boxing, has responded to the allegations of Adin Ross allegedly bribing Most Wanted, who had pulled out of the Misfits Boxing 13’s main event minutes before the fight was scheduled to go down. During the latest Sidecast episode, the 30-year-old stated his belief that Adin Ross had no involvement in sabotaging Misfits Boxing.

In the main event of the Misfits Boxing 13, Fox the G was scheduled to compete in a 2-on-1 handicap match against the Most Evil team of Most Wanted and Evil Hero. But, just minutes before the start, Most Wanted pulled out of the fight, leaving Evil Hero to compete against Fox the G on his own, at the Worldwide stages in Nashville.

When KSI was questioned by Behzinga about the late decision from Most Wanted to pull out of the fight, he responded, "Most Wanted...it was literally like a minute before the fight. A minute before the fight, he said, 'I can't do this. I can't fight.'" “Why did you say 'yes' to fighting in the first place?,” the Misfits Boxing co-founder added.

The rumors about Adin Ross bribing Most Wanted to not fight for Misfits Boxing were also mentioned in the interview, to which KSI said, “I’d like to say no. But if I did see him, for example, on an Adin Ross show, then it’s on sight.”

Notably, in the post-fight interview, Most Wanted to reveal the reason for not competing inside the squared circle for Misfits Boxing, and said, “I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't do nothing.”

Here is KSI denying allegations of Adin Ross bribing Most Wanted to sabotage Misfits Boxing: