Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

When Bam Adebayo claimed in the postgame press conference that he is a phenomenal passer, Kyle Lowry, his fellow teammate sitting beside him had a hilarious reaction to it. Lowry, who was busy on his phone, mocked Adebayo in front of the media after they played a key role in ensuring that Miami Heat defeated Boston Celtics on the road in Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on May 17.

At the TD Garden in Boston on Wednesday night, the Heat trailed by nine points at half-time, but they rallied in the second half to get the win against the Celtics by 123-116. This was another massive victory for the eighth-seeded team against a yet higher-ranked team in the competition.

In the postgame press conference, Bam Adebayo was quoted as saying, "My teammates wanted me to be aggressive first. They (Boston Celtics) started to send a double. I'm a phenomenal passer, so that's why I can make the extra pass."  To which, Lowry had a look of disbelief and hilariously laughed in Adebayo’s face and said, "Oh my god, that is crazy, but I'll take it."

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Upon hearing that, Adebayo pulled out the paper beside him and showed it to Lowry while saying I had more assists than you. Moments later, Lowry said, "You had the ball more than me," but eventually agreed with Adebayo that he is a phenomenal passer.

Meanwhile, in the game at the TD Garden, Adebayo scored 20 points, five assists, and eight rebounds. Lowry managed 15 points, three assists, and three rebounds. 

Notably, their sought-after teammate, Jimmy Butler achieved 35 points, seven assists, five rebounds, and six steals against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. With that, he became the third player in NBA history to finish a playoff game with 35 points, five assists, five rebounds, and five steals multiple times as he joined Michael Jordan who did it seven times, and Allen Iverson who did it two times.

Butler also became the second player in Miami Heat history to score 30 points and six steals in a playoff game to join Dwayne Wade, who did it for the first time against San Antonio Spurs in 2013.