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Picture Credit: X

In the new trailer of the fourth instalment of the Bad Boys franchise, Lionel Messi, the Inter Miami star, made a guest appearance and spoke in English alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Apart from Lionel Messi, the 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die', which is set up in the Miami area, also has a cameo of Jimmy Butler, who plays for the Heat.

The trailer of the movie showcases Lionel Messi knocking at a door, following which he talks about looking for the “Bad Boys” to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In response, the two movie protagonists tell him that he knocked on the wrong house before closing the door on him.

As far as Jimmy Butler is concerned, he ponders a move away from the Miami Heat in the Bad Boys trailer before showing up to a house where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence watch the television. Butler goes on to reveal that he wants to be a “Bad Boy,” following which Smith and Lawrence train him to find out if he is going to be able to join them.

Although it ultimately boils down to Jimmy Butler having a change of heart, prompting him to return back to basketball with the Miami Heat.

The Bad Boys: Ride or Die is set for a cinematic release on June 7, 2024, in the United States of America. It will see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise their role of Miami cops, who solve crimes and defeat the criminals while relying on each other despite their conflicting personalities.

Here is the clip of Lionel Messi speaking English in Bad Boys trailer: