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On the latest episode of his “Impaulsive” podcast, Logan Paul welcomed Triple H, the Chief Content Officer of the WWE, to promote WrestleMania XL, which is set to go down this weekend in Philadelphia. At one point during their chat, Logan Paul, who is currently the WWE United St ates Champion, told Triple H about wanting to fight in the UFC, but his boss didn’t seem all that interested.

After WWE and UFC merged last year under the TKO umbrella, there have been a few crossover moments between both promotions. Notably, Michael Chandler called out Conor McGregor on an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, and Rey Mysterio hyping up the UFC Mexico City card, plus attending it as a guest too.

But despite that, Triple H didn’t quite see more talent exchanges between WWE and UFC happening any time soon, while stating his reasons to the contrary. It led to Logan Paul exclaiming, “Send me,” before saying, “I wrestled. I wrestle now. I would do it. I would totally do it. For the right dance partner, yeah, I would love to do a UFC fight. Now that you guys are partners, I think at the right time, it could make a lot of sense.”

After Triple H tried to play along in the conversation, he went on to say, “While there’s similarities to what we do because it’s combat-centric, we couldn’t be any more different.”

“It’s different. There’s such a difference in what we do. It’s hard to blend the two, except for when it works. But they almost have to be separate. Like Brock [Lesnar] wasn’t actively fighting while he was [in WWE] doing this. I think you sort of have to be all-in on one or the other. Tough to do both,” added the WWE CEO.

Moreover, on night two of WrestleMania XL, Logan Paul is set to defend his WWE United States Championship in a triple-threat match against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

Here is the clip of Logan Paul showing his interest to fight in UFC to Triple H: