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United States champion Logan Paul took part in the WWE Raw at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City on Monday. However, like the previous time, he was accompanied by some special guests in the center which made the audience go frenzy. The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made his special appearance along with the YouTuber and rapper iShowSpeed, who also came along with Logan Paul last time at WWE Wrestlemania. 

The trio was aided by The Judgement Day’s Finn Balor and JD McDonagh as they all reached the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City in a car and had a heartwarming alliance outside the arena. The group also met the World Heavyweight champion Damian Priest as they all headed towards the stadium in unison. 

Later in the event, Logan Paul alongside Speed came out to pick the drafts of the second round. Speed was spotted wearing a shirt that has his football idol Cristiano Ronaldo's picture in his Portuguese kit.

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After announcing CM Punk, Speed walked towards the ring with Logan Paul. The 19-year-old American YouTuber appeared to bark at the fans as he walked alongside Paul. 

Watch IShowSpeed barks at fans while walking with Logan Paul:

During mid-confrontation, the Prime drink owner slipped out of the ring and went straight to the NFL star Mahomes sitting in the front row and borrowing his three Super Bowl rings as a weapon for his next assault. 

As he returned to the ring, Paul asked Balor and JD to hold the Uso from the back so that he could use these rings as brass knuckles and knockout Jey from the show. However, the move took a drastic turn as Uso slipped away from the scene at the last minute, which resulted in Paul’s fist landing on the face of McDonagh. 

Mahomes, however, didn't make any significant contribution in the WWE Raw last night but his appearance brought some excitement to the event.

Watch Logan Paul borrows Patrick Maholmes Super Bowl rings: