WATCH: Mexico football fan tries to sneak in alcohol inside the stadium in binoculars; gets caught

England fans were asked to remove their crusader costumes at the World Cup in Qatar.

Aakash SrivastavaAuthor

Updated - 24 November 2022 06:16 PM


While the first few games in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 have brought much upset to the football fraternity, the event is also turning out to be a topsy-turvy ride for many football fans, courtesy of strict norms by Qatar authorities. 

Although FIFA organizers cleared their strict stance by prohibiting the consumption of alcohol during the matches, football fans need help with those guidelines, as only some attempt to break them.

Football fans are finding unique ways to sneak inside the stadiums, as the same was evident when one of them got caught while entering the stadium with alcohol hidden in his binoculars. In a video which has surfaced online, security officials can be seen talking to a Mexico fan after he was caught carrying alcohol inside his binoculars. 

In yet another incident that left football fans disappointed as they became a victim of the stringent norms of the Qatar authorities, England fans were asked to remove their crusader costumes to avoid upsetting the Muslims at the World Cup in Qatar. 

Per the videos on social media, two England supporters, dressed as St George, the patron Sant usually depicted as a knight on horseback, were turned around by the officials before Monday's victory over Iran. Even an anti-racism group, Kick It Out, has warned England fans for wearing such costumes to matches at the World Cup.

Apart from alcohol and crusader dresses, fans have also been asked not to bring food of any kind unless it is for babies or if it is medically required, T-shirts and hats featuring rainbow symbol as a supporting gesture towards homosexuality, revealing clothes, singing and chanting on Metro. 

Meanwhile, items like frisbees, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, kick scooters, electric scooters, inflatable items like balloons are not allowed inside the stadium. Even, musical instruments, vuvuzela, whistles, loudspeakers, etc., are also prohibited inside the stadium. 


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