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Former England captain and commentator Michael Vaughan was spotted gully cricket in Mumbai as he travelled to India for the IPL 2024. Vaughan has embraced his time in Mumbai as he is often spotted interacting with locals. In one of his recent social media posts, the former England captain was seen getting a haircut at a local saloon in Mumbai.

Then on March 3,  Michael Vaughan shared another video where he was playing with a bunch of kids in a Mumbai chawl. In the clip, the England international played a shot towards the leg side before fending away a short ball. Vaughan captioned the post with a cheeky comment which said, " Loved playing with the kids in Mumbai .. similar pitch to the Test pitches."

Here's the clip of  Michael Vaughan  playing gully cricket:

Never seen the Indian crowd boo one of their own:  Michael Vaughan  

Coming back to the IPL, Michael Vaughan shared his two cents on the Mumbai Indians captaincy saga where the newly appointed skipper, Hardik Pandya, has been constantly booed by fans on and off the field as he replaced Rohit Sharma. Speaking on the Club Prarie Fire podcast, Vaughan expressed his shock by the situation and described it to be a first for Indian cricket.

The former England captain said, “The big debate is whether Rohit Sharma will end up back as captain. That has caused a lot of drama here in India. The booing… I have to say, the Indian crowd just loves cricket. I have never heard them boo. I’ve certainly never heard them boo one of their own. I get the booing when he played at (Ahmedabad) against the Gujarat Titans. He’s left them and joined Mumbai. He took them to a title. So I get that in a pantomime kind of way."

“But for him to go to Hyderabad and get booed and then come to Wankhede and get booed by the Mumbai Indians fans while he is playing for them, I’m staggered by it. I have never seen the Indian crowd boo one of their own. It’s remarkable,” Vaughan added.