mike tyson loses cool after fan

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Boxing legend Mike Tyson is all set to fight influencer turned boxer Jake Paul on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Texas. However, it is touted to be the greatest faceoff in the world of boxing with the legend returning to the ring. Moreover, the two stars have been preparing well for this much-talked about faceoff in the boxing ring.

In one of the videos going viral from Mike Tyson’s training session, the legend almost lost his cool after a fan accidentally punched him in the face. However, this light connect could have proved to be fatal for the fan, but Tyson’s mettle was tested as he showed control and composure by restraining himself from a massive reaction.

His reaction moreover, reflected discipline and maturity to handle such a situation with calm, further increasing his admiration among fans and followers. “Mike Tyson almost lost his cool when a fan accidentally punched him in the face,” Happy Punch captioned the video. 

“Calm down. If anybody hits me, I’m gonna f*** them up! Just letting you know as you made a mistake, I’m gonna f*** you up!” the 57-year-old could be heard saying, warning his upcoming opponent Jake Paul for whatever he does.

Watch the viral video of Mike Tyson here:

Also known as ‘Iron Mike’, the Golden Gloves champion has a 50-6 record with 44 knockouts. Known as the greatest heavyweights in boxing history, in 1986, he became the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight world title, a record that still stands to his name.