Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

In a rare incident reported from Miami, a naked man created a chaos at a UFC gym by attacking his fellow gym members and continued the assault on passersby throughout Midtown Street on Tuesday night. The gym staff tried to control the man and eventually kicked him out of the gym as the cellphone video has gone viral.

The naked attacker was taking boxing classes that night when he suddenly removed his clothes and started assaulting people in the gym, the NBC quoted a gym staff.  The gym's assistant general manager Ray Lopez said, "The boxing coach said he was a little off, he wasn’t hitting the bag as usual. The member walked his way downstairs and he was just acting very bizarre."

In the wild video, the nudist appeared to use the machines before involving in a heated exchange that turned into a massive brawl with fellow members. While the staff members were quick to intervene and force him out of the gym, the naked man continued attacking people on the street.  The attacker also harassed an elderly person sitting in a wheelchair before getting thumped on the back of his head by a bystander followed by  the police taking him down using a Taser on him twice.

Watch the video here:

The NBC quoted Miami Police spokesperson Kiara Delva saying, "They gave him many commands to stop and comply in, which he completely disregarded. Our officer was forced to discharge his Taser, at which point, they were able to place him into custody."

A video from ONLY in DADE showed the police officer tasing him while the naked man didn't even flinch and ran away with the taser still in his body. After a few moments, the police officers held the attacker, however, his name has not been revealed by the police nor the extent of his punishment, but his gym membership was instantly canceled.