Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Nitish Rana’s wife Saachi Marwah was recently involved in a horrific incident as she was stalked by two youths in Delhi on her way back home. The youths reportedly hit her car also while she was going home from work. Saachi took it to Instagram to explain the entire incident. On her Instagram story, she also revealed that she reported the incident to Delhi Police, but no help was provided to her by the authorities.

Saachi, on her Instagram story, revealed that she was followed by two stalkers on her way back home from work. Marwah, also said that even though she asked the Delhi Police for help, the authorities were of no use, and she wasn’t provided with any assistance from their side. Not only this, but she was also told that since she had reached home safely, she should let go of the incident and note the number of the vehicle the next time. 

However, after breaking out the news in public that the authorities refused any help, an immediate action was taken and the two accused were arrested. Police also registered a case against the two accused- Chaitanya Shivam, aged 18, and Vivek, also aged 18. 

"Just a casual day in Delhi, on my way back home from work! These guys randomly started hitting my car! Just no reason, stalked and chased and the police told me on the phone when I complained, 'so now that you've reached home safe, let it go! Next time, number note kar lena' (note the number next time), aye aye captain, next time, I'll take their phone numbers also!", she wrote on her Instagram story.

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Notably, Nitish Rana-led Kolkata Knight Riders won over SunRisers Hyderabad in their last clash in Hyderabad. Speaking of Nitish, he is in one of his finest forms in the latest season of the Indian Premier League. He has scored 275 runs in the 10 matches in the IPL 2023, Rana has become the fourth player in history to score 2000 runs for the Kolkata-based franchise in the tournament.