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OnlyFans model Arabella Mia shook the world as she walked around Arsenal’s home ground, Emirates Stadium, naked with body paint as the Gunners defeated Wolves in their final game of the 2022-23 season. Arsenal registered a massive 5-0 win but ended their season on a disappointing note as they failed to win the league despite being top of the table for the majority of the season. 

Arabella Mia, being a massive Arsenal fan, showed up to support her team while wearing only white underwear and spray-painted the rest of her body in an Arsenal kit. While speaking about this gesture in a later interview, Arabella Mia revealed that the entire process of painting her body took around four hours.

Watch the video here:

Further talking about why she decided to take such a step, Arabella Mia expressed that she used to experiment with body paint in her college days and thought this will be an extremely unique and left-field idea. While speaking to Daily Star, Mia said, "I was just thinking to myself, I used to do body paint in college, and I was like, that would be so cool. If I can make a YouTube video of me just going around and talking to the fans, while I'm just covered in paint, because I was like nobody uses body paint for anything!"

With this gesture, GreenGirlBella also hopes to spread a wider message of body positivity among her fans. She said, "I've always been curvy... but it's just it was just more of a sign to show people that, you know, it doesn't actually matter. Like, it's like your skin is your skin and your body is your body."