OnlyFans star and celebrity boxer Astrid Wett broke the internet as she went on a date with Wade Plem, a Combat Sports Commentator. The couple had previously been on a date together at the Universal Studios in  Los Angeles  and discussed their passion for boxing and played games around the theme park before having supper at the Olive Garden restaurant.

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But this time, the pair decided to travel around London as they started their date with a ride in the classic double-decker bus. After discussing what they have been up to in their life and playing a game of truth and lies. Soon they got off at the legendary Madame Tussauds wax museum, where they interacted with multiple wax statues of celebrities like Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo and Priyanka Chopra.

Watch the video here:

Recently, Astrid Wett announced her next fight with Only Fans star Alexia Grace as the pair are set to lock horns in a boxing grudge fight by the end of the month. This bout comes after Wett expressed her discontent with popular YouTuber KSI and his group - Misfits, who wasn’t present her with multiple fight spots of pay-per-view.

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Wett recently posted a video on TikTok, slamming Misfits and KSI, and said, "KSI and Misfits, I have had enough. Ever since my fight in March, you have shown me no support. I have constantly been messaging to try and arrange another fight and I’ve been in training too. It’s so poor and frustrating.”

Wett added, "I even have a fight that the fans want to see versus Alexia, and you won’t even put it on. I’ve even offered to fight for free, absolute mugs guys, I’m gonna start my own promotion and do it myself because I can’t be ar*ed."