Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

PJ Washington was ejected in Game 3 against the LA Clippers in the 2024 NBA playoffs on Friday night when just 6:10 was remaining in the game. However, he did steal the limelight before leaving the court as he struck an iconic hand-folding pose amidst the chaos, crossing his arms and staring at the Clippers bench.

It came following the heated confrontation between Clippers’ Russell Westbrook and Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic when the Clippers guard grabbed the Dallas forward’s right arm from the back and pulled him back during the action. After that, Doncic approached Russell to object to his actions but the 35-year-old point guard bumped him with his right hand.

PJ Washington also took to his Instagram story and post to share his iconic pose.

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As and when the duo separated, PJ Washington appeared from the back and pushed him with his right arm which escalated the tension in the game. They exchanged shoves before other players and security personnel prevented the conflict between them. 

Following the incident, Westbrook, who could garner only one point in the game, was adjudged with two technical fouls, resulting in his ejection from the game, and PJ, who had a remembering game with 10 points, five rebounds, and three steals, was also ejected after nurturing two technical fouls. 

However, it was before his exit that PJ Washington struck an instant iconic pose amid the constant chaos, with him crossing his arms and staring at the bench of the opposition rivals. 

In an Instagram post, he shared the picture along with the caption, "Im Mr ain't goin."