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American wrestler Randy Orton finally had the last laugh over popular streamer IShowSpeed’s bark and constant provoking as the 44-year-old ended the run-in with his signature RKO to Speed on Sunday night. It happened in the WrestleMania 40 triple-threat match between Randy Orton, Logan Paul, and Kevin Owens in the United St ates.

Speed, who is a popular YouTube streamer, attended the WrestleMania as part of Logan Paul’s entourage where he accompanied the reigning champions to the arena. The ardent Ronaldo supporter was covered in a Prime Bottle costume and he started to distract Orton with continuous barks and pushes.

Eventually, he revealed himself to the audience after some time and had a run-in with the 20-time WWE champion in the arena. The Viper didn’t look pleased with the YouTuber following which he mimicked Speed with a bark and hit him with his famous RKO on the announce table.

WATCH: Randy Orton hits RKO on Youtuber iShowSpeed

Watch the full segment of Randy Orton destroying Speed:

KSI trolls Speed on video call after Randy Orton's RKO

Professional Boxer and influencer KSI posted a video, where he was seen clowning Speed after the latter’s destructive face-off with wrestler Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 40. Orton had destroyed Speed with his famous RKO move which left Speed wounded.

The winner of the night, Logan Paul, who was accompanied by Speed displayed KSI’s video to Speed where he was making a mockery of Speed. “Ayo Speed, I hope you enjoyed your WWE debut, alright, I hope you enjoyed getting wrecked….it sucks, doesn’t it, it’s not fun, anyway, IShowStink, IShowMeat, well played on getting your a** beat, I’ll see you in a bit, take care, bro.”