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WWE champion Roman Reigns demolished Sami Zayn with a barrage of punches after beating him in a live event bout in Toronto. The Tribal Chief took down Zayn during the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view before once defeating him at the Scotiabank Arena. 

After beating the Canadian wrestler, the reigning WWE champion called out the crowd for not acknowledging him and his achievements. Later , he continued to bombard an unconscious Sami Zayn with punches until he was completely done and dusted. Living up to his heel persona, Reigns’ actions were reciprocated with boos.

Watch the video here:

Roman Reigns, after his Elimination Chamber win, will be getting ready for his Wrestlemania bout with the return of Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare left WWE a few years back and built his new moniker in promotions like All Elite Wrestling. After breaking away from the Stardust gimmick, Rhodes returned to WWE as one of the biggest wrestlers in sports entertainment. 

On the recent SmackDown episode, Rhodes and Regins had a big verbal back-and-forth with Roman Reigns. Here the American Nightmare spoke about his journey back to the WWE and pointed out how he overcame Randy Orton’s shadow and evolved from his Stardust gimmick. 

Rhodes said, “For some, you have become this impossible mountain to climb, but that’s kind of my thing. Really, if you think about it, he can’t be any more than Randy’s understudy. Here’s no way Cody will survive Stardust.’ Goalpost moved again. 

“There’s no way that 10,000 people would pay to see me and my buddies little indie show. And ever since then, the goalposts have continuously moved and I consistently punch it through the uprights. So for everyone else, Roman Reigns might be impossible, just not for me.”

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