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Picture Credit: X

Ryan Garcia and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya got kicked out of the New York Mets game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at the Citi Field because the officials reportedly didn’t want to risk an incident. While leaving, Ryan Garcia was quite furious, talking about how the New York Mets kicked them out without any reason before swearing on them.

Notably, Ryan Garcia was scheduled to throw the first pitch at the Citi Field alongside Devin Haney to promote their scheduled boxing match on Saturday, April 20, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. As per the camp of Ryan Garcia, the boxer did throw warm-up pitches and met with various New York Mets players without any issues, but the security allegedly had concerns about him having a scuffle with Devin Haney inside the Citi Field, just like their earlier alterations while promoting the big fight.

It led to the New York Mets security pulling the plug on the first pitch set to be thrown by Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney. The incident wasn’t taken too kindly by Garcia and De La Hoya, talking about how they had their three hours wasted inside the Citi Field before the KingRy said, “F*** the Mets.”

Devin Haney shoves Ryan Garcia inside Empire State Building

On Tuesday, April 16, Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia went to the Empire State Building, where they got involved in a heated altercation while promoting their upcoming boxing match on the DAZN PPV card. Haney was seen shoving Garcia during their face off on top of the Manhattan landmark, and they kept on throwing verbal bars at each other before and after the skirmish.

Moreover, after the New York Mets security reportedly cited the incident at the Empire State Building to eject Ryan Garcia out of the Citi Field, he went on to send out a post on X, which read, “I will expose the Mets so bad and the mlb”