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After Ryan Garcia defeated the WBC World Super Lightweight Champion, Devin Haney, in a non-title match on the DAZN PPV card, the Matchroom Boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn, was given props to the KingRy. But, moments later, he was interrupted by the father of Ryan Garcia, who hurled abusive words at him, and Eddie Hearn didn’t respond in kind either.

In the main event of the DAZN PPV card, Ryan Garcia secured a dramatic win over Devin Haney on points after flooring his opponent thrice in 12 rounds. Despite registering the win over Haney with judges’ scorecard reading 112-112, 114-110, 115-109, Garcia was unable to become the new WBC World Super Lightweight Champion, because he had relinquished the championship opportunity by missing the weight in the build-up to their boxing match.

Following the big win for Ryan Garcia, the Matchroom Boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn appreciated his performance and said, “Big respect to Ryan Garcia, he was amazing,” before the father of the American professional boxer rudely interrupted him. Ryan Garcia Sr remarked, “That's what you get. You're a piece of s***,” to which Eddie Hearn responded, “"Oh really? F*** you. F*** you, you little piece of s***. What are you talking about?”

Eddie Hearn offers Jaron Ennis to Ryan Garcia Sr to calm him down

Moments later Ryan Garcia Sr, who had made a bizarre gesture at Eddie Hearn by grabbing his thing, threw the names of Luke Campbell and Devin Haney, who his son had beaten in professional boxing. It led to Hearn giving the name of Jaron Ennis to Garcia Sr, which prompted him to come towards the boxing promoter before they shook each other’s hand.

Ultimately, Ryan Garcia Sr apologized to Eddie Hearn for his outburst at him before asking him to speak to his son, which the Matchroom Boxing promoter had done already. Their brief chat ended with Hearn smiling towards the camera after Garcia Sr had walked away.

Here is the clip of Ryan Garcia Sr and Eddie Hearn abusing each other in public: