Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney joined in the promotion celebrations on the team bus as thousands of fans flocked open-top bus parade. Wrexham men's and women’s teams earned a promotion to English football after 15 long years and fans lined up along a 3.5-mile route in the north Wales city as three buses left from the club’s Racecourse ground carrying the National League title-winning teams.

Ryan Reynolds said, "Ultimately, like any business you want it to self-perpetuate and continue growing. You don’t want to lose money but I don’t think either of us is in this to make money either." He also mentioned that the ultimate goal is to play in the Premier League.

Ryan Reynolds also posted a series of photographs of him along with the Wrexham squad, McElhenney, and fans on his Instagram handle and captioned, "The first Tuesday in May. What an unforgettable evening in Wrexham celebrating both @wrexham_afc and @wrexhamafcwomen gaining promotion and winning their leagues. BONKERS"

In February 2021, Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney completed a £2 million takeover of Wrexham FC, who were in financial trouble and at the edge of British football. The two have made the club a success so far on and off the pitch with the new sponsors and the promotion. The club's social media channels also boomed in popularity - with an increase in followers week-on-week since.

Watch Reynolds and McElhenney in Wreham's bus parade:

Since the inclusion of Reynolds and McElhenney, the club's Twitter soared from 80,000 followers to a staggering 367,000. Wrexham also went on a magical FA Cup run that was brought to a halt by Sheffield United.

One of the players celebrating the win was Ben Foster who joined earlier this year for a short deal. The fans chanted for him 'One more year' and the former Manchester United goalkeeper waved at the fans. So we could see Ben Foster continuing to play for the Dragons. The Wrexham AFC chief executive, Fleur Robinson, said the parade was an opportunity to thank the community "for their incredible support."