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Former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar is known for his outspoken nature. However, he goes over the board sometimes with no control over his words whatsoever. Recently, Akhtar made headlines for his comments about Pakistan captain Babar Azam’s poor English. As Akhtar cited Babar’s poor English as a reason for his lesser brand value, Pakistan fans lost their composure and started thrashing Akhtar left, right, and centre. 

Amid all the ruckus, the 47-year-old was asked about his comments on Babar during a live TV show of which, Kamran Akmal was also a part. Akhtar while trying to explain his comments made another blunder as he mocked Kamran for his mispronunciation of a name. 

“I was hearing Kami the other day. He has been a match-winner for us but he was mispronouncing a word,” Akhtar said and also taught the former Pakistan wicketkeeper how to do it correctly. “mai sun raha tha, ye bhi keh raha tha sakreen…sakreen ni hota hai screen hota hai (I heard him speak, he was saying ‘sakreen’…it’s screen and not sakreen).”

Akhtar also gave an explanation about his comments on Azam. The former speedster said that he had no intentions to demean the Pakistan captain but only stated the truth. "I never intended to demean Babar. I only want that Babar as a brand looks bigger. We compare Babar to Virat. You look at Kohli and how he speaks fluently. So, as I think Babar is as big as Virat in Pakistan, he should be fluent too," explained Shoaib.