speed bronny bark

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American YouTuber  Darren Jason Watkins Jr., who is popularly called IShowSpeed, is known for making hilarious videos with popular athletes across sports. Recently, the 19-year-old streamer interacted with NBA legend LeBron James' first-born Bronny James, and the two exchanged barks in a viral video on social media.

As the USC Trojans' NCAA men's basketball season is over, speculations have been made over Bronny James' future. Whether he would enter the NBA draft or play another year in the NCAA. If Bronny wishes to play for another school, he can use the transfer portal or he can go back to USC.

In a viral video on social media, popular streamer IShowSpeed was spotted exchanging barks with NBA legend LeBron James' son Bronny. In the video, Speed terminated the opinions about him and Bronny looking like brothers while he taught Bronny how to bark.

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James' USC Trojans finished the season 15–18 after losing 70-49 to the Arizona Wildcats in their final game, capping off a disappointing campaign. Bronny James scored three points on one of five shots in his 22 minutes of play.