Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Popular American rapper Wiz Khalifa threw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game on Monday. However, the rapper claimed that he would be "stoned af" before throwing the pitch and later confirmed that he threw the first pitch while high on shrooms.

The 35-year-old rapper, who is a native of Pittsburgh, threw the first pitch ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates' series opener against Cleveland Guardians at the PNC Park in front of the home cr owd.

Ahead of his first pitch, Khalifa shared his intent to "get stoned af" as he tweeted, "Finna get stoned af and throw this first pitch at the pirates game."

However, a minute later, the rapper confirmed being high on shrooms before the pitch at the Pirates game as he tweeted, "Shroomed out throwin a baseball is crazy."

On the other hand, the MLB posted a video of Wiz Khalifa throwing the first pitch on Twitter and wrote, "Pittsburgh native @wizkhalifa threw out the first pitch at the @Pirates game! 🖤💛"

Watch the video here:

Although this ain't the first time when a pitch was thrown being high on a psychotropic drug as the former Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis, who was tripping on LSD, reportedly threw  a no-hitter game on June 12, 1970.

Talking about the game, the Guardians defeated the hosts by 11-0 on Monday to claim the second spot in the American League Central division while the Pirates are placed at the bottom of the National League Central division.