Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Spider-Man star Tom Holland is fond of YouTubers' boxing and thinks it is good for the sport’s growth. Speaking to Jay Shetty on the ‘On Purpose’ podcast, Holland reiterated that he has no problem with YouTube stars branching out and trying their hand at the sport, adding that it is funny and also gets people who would otherwise not be interested in the sport.

Holland is a sports enthusiast and is particularly fond of boxing. The actor was previously seen in a video training in the ring and punching pads. The question was asked to Holland to gauge the actor’s thoughts on a topic that has divided many in the boxing world. While some, like Holland, embrace the influx of influencer and celebrity boxers putting on show matches, others are more critical. The recent Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury match was particularly criticized for taking attention away from professional boxers.

However, Tom Holland feels that it does more good than harm. “I don’t really it mind it. I think it’s quite fun. My brother Paddy would never have been watching boxing but now he loves it because of his favorite YouTubers,” said Holland. “If it’s good for the sport, it’s good for the sport. I sort of don’t really mind.” The ‘Cherry’ and ‘The Devil All The Time’ star then joked with host Shetty about a potential role in the next Creed movie.

Influencer boxing is likely to continue to dominate headlines in 2023

There are a host of celebrity boxing matches coming up this year which are bound to dominate boxing news around the world when they are close. Particularly of note are Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz, King Kenny vs Whindersson Nunes, and Brandon Herrera vs Ac7ionman.

Previous critics of influencer boxing have cited money and attention being taken away from professional boxers, who display more skill and technique in their matches, as a key concern with influencer boxing. They claim that while it is bringing attention to the sport, the attention is not sustainable, nor is it growing the sport in the long term, because most of it is focussed only on amateurish exhibition matches which are marketed and conceived to make money. Others, like Dana White of the UFC, simply claim they are ‘gimmick’ fights without substance.