Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

After allegedly being charged of terrorism, an ex-footballer from Tunisia set himself on fire in front of a police station. In a horrifying video posted by the Tunisian journalist, Souhail Khmira, the 35-year-old footballer, Nizar Issaoui, can be seen setting his clothes on fire near a police station in Haffouz, Kairouane. In a 45-second-long video posted by the journalist, the footballer can be seen screaming, and lighting on the jumper, which he probably had drenched in a flammable solution. 

According to Souhail Khmira, the footballer is reportedly to have got into an argument with a fruit seller, which then led to charges. Issaoui is said to have suffered with severe burns, but his condition is stable now. In the video, he can be seen mentioning the terrorism accusations, and later dropping his phone on the floor; the recording ended with one of the onlookers approaching and picking up the phone.

Watch the video here: 

According to a post on the footballer’s Facebook account, he informed the police about a person selling overpriced bananas, only to be accused of the terrorism remark. The footballer, reportedly, joined ES EI Jem in Tunisia in January, but is currently without a team. 

Apart from a six-month stint for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Orobah FC, he has majorly played football in Tunisia. In his career’s longest spell, the footballer spent three years with ES Haffouz from 2019 to 2022, and his return to the field is suspected of near future.