WATCH: Two wild bears seen playing football in a viral video from Odisha village

The video is reportedly from the Nabarangpur forest in Odisha.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 14 September 2021 05:30 PM

bears playing with football

Football is easily among the most popular sport in the world. While it is played and watched in almost every nation, famous footballers get love and adulation everywhere they travel as a result. The likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo have become the face of the sport on the planet as they continue to inspire more and more people to take up the sport.

Between them, the two greats of the game share over 600 million followers which is a huge number even for a thickly populated country like India whose cricketing heartthrob Virat Kohli became the first Asian celebrity to cross 150 million followers on social media. While Rohit Sharma is not too far from Kohli in terms of his batting and cricketing records in recent years, when it comes to being a brand, the Hitman is far behind as he has a little over 20 million followers.

And now the popularity of football has seemingly not even spared the animal kingdom. A video of two wild bears playing with a football is going viral on social media. The video of the bears has reportedly been recorded in the Nabarangpur forest in Odisha. As per the reports emerging from local media, a few residents of the village were playing football when the beasts appeared. Upon seeing them, the village youngsters had to flee from the area but in their hurry, they left their football behind.

Pouncing on the opportunity, one of the bears was seen kicking and tossing the football in the air. The locals were also enjoying the visuals on display and the video was seemingly shot by one of them.

Check out the video here:

In another football match in USA, it was an action involving a cat that made headlines more than the match itself. During a State University football game in Florida on Saturday night, a few spectators save a cat who was dangling from the upper deck of the stands but was caught safely by the fans in the lower deck by a makeshift rescue trap using the flat of the United States. Heartwarming visuals from the incident showed that fans and spectators were actually celebrating the cat being successfully rescued as if the team they were supporting in the match had won.


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