Football is considered a pretty violent game considering the dangerous tackles that often happen during high-pressure games and even the straight-out brawls that break out between fierce rivals. On one of those rare occasions, a violent fistfight broke out during a state league game between the players of one team and the referee. 

According to some social media users, the video was from a football match in Tripura. However, the origin and date of the video could not be verified. In a clip that has gone viral on social media, the referee and the players seem to be having some words exchanged on a controversial decision, and a player came in and made the first move by punching the referee’s face. 

The referee also fought back and hit two of the players before being separated by one from the opposing side. The fight was cooled down by the assistant referee and the player from the opposing side as they talked to both sides, encouraging them to solve the matter peacefully. 

Fights like these are common in international football too, as a fight broke out between India's Rahul Bheke and Nepal's Bimal Magar during the India vs Nepal SAFF Championship game earlier this year. It all dissipated quite quickly, with the international-level referee able to calm things down. The level of the referees in state-level or even national-level games is considered pretty poor and they fail to handle this kind of situation in an effective manner.