Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The final Test between India and England has been a roller coaster ride as both teams have brought their A-game to Edgbaston. India took back the driver's seat after being down early in the first innings and have been tightening their hold on the match.

The atmosphere at Edgbaston got a little too hot on Day 3 of play as former India captain Virat Kohli and English batter Jonny Bairstow were caught exchanging a few words. While it was Kohli who seem to shut Bairstow, the latter was caught doing some action. Umpires then had to intervene to get the match back on track. As both players were separated, Kohli was seen giving Bairstow a friendly punch on his shoulder.

This incident triggered Bairstow to smash a swashbuckling 106 in 140 balls which included 14 fours and two sixes. The Yorkshire-born has pioneered this technique of batting aggressively which leads to a counter-attacking style of play.  Bairstow managed to pull off something similar against New Zealand when he was batting with the debutant Jamie Overturn in the second Test.

The duo scored 209 in 37.1 overs and reduced England. Former England captain Nasser Hussain showered praise on the Punjab Kings batter's approach and said, “The counterattack that Jonny Bairstow and Jamie Overton just executed was really fantastic. It was an outstanding illustration of the kind of performance that Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes are hoping to see from this Test side. There is more to it than just charging on even though the odds are stacked against you.

"Figuring out when the opportune moment to launch an assault is crucial. Bairstow and Overton, who showed genuine nous on his Test debut, timed it to perfection. And it’s the type of performance that the top order may be able to benefit from because you have to strike the correct balance.”